About me

Following 20 years in sectors including Utilities, Financial Services, Defence, IT and Media for companies such as Thames Water, Siemens, BAE Systems and BBC, I have formed The Up Company.

With experience across senior HR leadership roles inclusive of Head of HR, OD, Talent and Resourcing, I have worked with individuals, teams and executive/board members on company-wide improvement, engagement, change and transformation programmes. All in the pursuit of Unlocking Performance!

At The Up Company, we work with companies to accelerate growth and performance.

We bring people together to have the right conversations to unlock answers. We do this by facilitating team meetings, cross-functional workshops and company events that bring ease, clarity, and pace to the work needed to be done.

We work with organisations when they are seeking to Design a new product or service, create or amend their Strategy, improve a Process or experience, engage and develop their People, or improve their Leadership.

We do this by working across 3 key levels of an organisation:
Personal Effectiveness
“When individual support is needed to achieve specific personal or professional goals”

Team Effectiveness
“Increasing the capability a team has to work as a group to achieve its objectives”

Organisation Effectiveness
“Focused on the functioning of the organisation and the changes needed to bridge the gap between strategy and a company’s capability to deliver this”

Our approach is different – we use a combination of Consulting, Talent Development and Organisation Development experience to turn ideas into reality. We work with individuals, teams and the total organisation not only on the task at hand but on their effectiveness to achieve results together. In doing so we bridge the gap between a company’s strategy and capability to deliver against this.

Put simply we Unlock Performance.

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or on social media @theupcompanyuk