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Failure is the conservatory of success

In an excerpt from his forthcoming book, Gyan Nagpal, author of Talent Economics, shows how spectacular failures defined rockstar talent.

Most people already know the general story around Henry Ford’s endearing contribution to both the means and method of business. He was 40 years old when he incorporated ...

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In an excerpt from his forthcoming book, Author Gyan Nagpal, author of Talent Economics, writes on the benefits of early screening.

Interviews are ubiquitous. We all use them to hire talent. Yet, they are often not the ideal tool for screening of candidates. Probably the biggest factor in the ineffec...

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Leaders as Talent Strategists

First Published in Business Today (7th June 2015 Print Edition) 

Economics is an age old science which studies how market forces allocate scarce resources. As a practice, economics has been around for millennia, and as an established social science for a couple of centuries, if not more. So, it is particularly as...

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Africa - A Demographic Dividend Around The Corner?

Over the first half of 2015, we have run three very successful programs across the African continent. Each one was in a different location and dealt with very pertinent local talent challenges.Over the latter half of the year, I have two more on schedule.

Every time I visit Africa, I am struck by the incredible gifts and challenges I ...

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Increase your learning velocity

A spiritual guru once said, “If learning stops, you are dead.” He meant this as a metaphor for personal growth, so that guru would probably be shocked to realize that the expression in fact now defines the very core of 21st century enterprise.
That’s because we are now living in the second industrial revolution, and as it accelerates, it...

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