The Certified Talent Economist Program helps both business and HR leaders improve their strategic orientation. It also provides them with the tools to facilitate talent strategy formulation and execution across an organisation.

The certification program is divided into 3 phases and designed based on optimal adult learning principles. It allows for conceptual understanding and skills practice in equal measure. Further, certification is awarded on successful completion of an entire strategy formulation cycle, thereby guaranteeing the participant can use and implement the concepts and skills taught in the program.

A balanced mix of concept, live analysis and skills practice, the program coaches each participant through one complete strategy formulation and communication cycle.On successful completion of the course and skills practice, participants receive a “Certified Talent Economist TM” credential. 

As of January 2018, 667 Talent Economists from 40 countries have achieved full certification and are currently practising experts of Strategic Talent Management.


In addition to the list of open programs below, we also run several In-company Talent Economics Programs. Ranging from masterclasses to full certification programs, these are very popular development offerings for Senior HR and business leaders alike.  Contact us to find out more.



Module - 1
Pre-program (up to 4 weeks - virtual)

Post registration, all participants receive a complementary copy of Talent Economics: the fine line between winning and losing the global war for talent. 

In addition, participants read 4 pre-work papers before the class.

Module - 2
Strategy & Talent Economics (3 days – face to face)

Day 1 - Understanding Business Strategy : 

Exploration of self, role, orientation and purpose. The "Eight Stages of Strategy" & application to business. The evolution of global business strategy (1990 – 2020). 

Day 2 -Talent Economics  : 

Talent demand vs supply & 21st century employment.  Talent Economics – concepts and use. Talent Economics – An analysis of macro & micro trends. Research frameworks and techniques. 

Day 3 - Facilitating the Strategic Talent Agenda (case studies and application)  :  

Decoding the 21st century workforce. The art and science of process facilitation

Module - 3Analysis and Strategy Formulation (4 weeks of application support - virtual)

Participants study macro talent trends within their industry , interview business leaders and form a basic investment hypothesis for their firm 

All participants join a compulsory capstone call of 90 minutes to discuss research findings..

Once certified all participants receive a dedicated profile page on the website & password controlled access to an extensive database of global talent data, proprietary research papers, demographic trends and online tools for talent strategy formulation.



Kuala Lumpur(Mngmnt)


09 - 11 April 2018

Kuala Lumpur (Advanced)


19 - 20 April 2018



02 - 04 May 2018

Manila (Foundational)


07 - 09 May 2018

Durban (Foundational)

South Africa

21 - 23 May 2018

Singapore(Talent Risk)


11 - 12 June 2018


South Africa

20 - 22 June 2018



25 - 27 June 2018

Hong Kong(Talent Risk)

China SAR

05 - 06 July 2018

Dubai (Master Certification)

United Arab Emirates

17 - 21 September 2018

Cape Town (Foundational)

South Africa

15 - 17 October 2018

Cape Town (Advanced)

South Africa

18 - 19 October 2018

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